Custom Printing Services

Owning our own in-house state-of-the-art digital printing system has many benefits. The greatest of those benefits is our ability to print

    > any image you see in this gallery

    > at any size

    > on your choice of Fine Art materials

    > at a quality unsurpassed by anyone else in the industry


You may order a print from any image in this collection. Our plan is to have more than 2,500 images on line by later this summer and more than 6.000 images on line by late next year. Eventually Paul's entire collection will be available in this searchable on-line gallery. Until the project of digitizing and uploading the entire collection is completed, feel free to ask about scenes, locations or golf courses you do not see. It's possible that your special location might be among the images still waiting to be digitized.

Print size

From small table-top frames to room-size murals, we can print to your exact needs. Any single print is limited to a panel no larger than 44 inches by 27 feet, but we can print images in multiple panels and then mount them together for total print sizes limited only by your imagination - and your wall size.

Print media

Giclée printing is still a young industry, and the list of available printing media is growing rapidly. The most popular choices right now are acid-free watercolor rag papers, artist canvas, Photo Glossy paper, and Photo Luster paper. These surfaces are always in stock. Additional options include indoor or outdoor banner materials, adhesive backed papers and vinyls, backlit films, or various fabrics including some silks. In most cases those surfaces will have to be special ordered, and a minimum purchase amount will be required to cover the higher shipping and inventory costs of special-order materials. As we said, the list of available media is growing rapidly. Talk to us about your special needs and we will do the research.

Prices and ordering

Special order prints will normally cost between $40 and $55 per square foot, depending on their size. (Prints already in inventory cost about $30 per square foot.) While viewing a particular image you can click on "Options & Prices" in the top menu bar to order that print in your choice of "standard" sizes.

NOTE THAT THE SIZES LISTED THERE ARE APPROXIMATE! That is, depending upon the particular image, a 16 x 20 inch nominal print might actually be anywhere from 14 x 20 inches to 18 x 20 inches finished size.

If you need your print to be exactly the listed dimensions, or if you want a quote on a custom size not listed among the standard price options, use the Menu > Contact link to relay your request.

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