When you hire a golf course photographer, you are placing a significant bet that the photographer will deliver outstanding, attention-getting images.In today's economy, in fact, you are not betting just your advertising budget; you might well be betting the entire future of your golf course.

With so much riding on the selection of a photographer, how do you make the best possible decision? You need to identiry the photographer who is the most likely to produce exceptional and compelling images on their next (and most important) assignment -- YOURS.

And the single best predictor of what a photographer will do on their next assignment is what they've done on their most recent assignments, not -- as some photographers would have you believe -- what they did 10 or 20 or 30 years ago.

Within any field -- art, sports, business, or any other -- individuals who were once the unquestioned champions are constantly replaced by new faces who are more talented, more imaginative, more driven, or better trained. That has always been the case, and it always will be.

That's why I've listed below links to my most recent assignments. Those images are the single best predictor of the images I'll create at your course. Another photographer's portfolio of the 50 or even the 100 best photograhs they've produced over the past 30 years has no value whatsoever in predicting what they will do at your course.

When choosing a photographer, then, you need to insist that they show you the images from their most recent assignments, and you need to base your decision on those most recent images. Anything else is a very poor bet.

Do some quick research by visiting the links below and you will learn -- as my current clients have -- that no golf course photographer working today is consistently producing better images, assignment after assignnment, than I am.


ArborLinks GC (09/24/2009)

Happy Hollow Club (09/25/2009)

TPC at Deere Run (09/29/2009)

Ballyhack GC (10/20/2009)

Sequoyah National GC (10/26/2009)

Kinloch GC (11/04/2009)

Willow Oaks CC (11/08/2009)

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